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SOC-CMM downloads

SOC-CMM Downloads

Disclaimer: the SOC-CMM is provided without warranty of any kind. The author of the tool cannot assure its accuracy and is not liable for any cost as a result of decisions based on the output of this tool. The usage of this tool does not in any way entitle the user to support or consultancy. If you wish to obtain support for the SOC-CMM, please visit the support section for more information.

The CC BY-SA 4.0 licence applies to the SOC-CMM. Please download and read the license agreement before using this product.

The SOC-CMM toolkit has 2 assessment tools: basic and advanced. The difference between these is that the advanced tool has options for weighing and exclusion of elements, thus enabling the assessor to influence the scoring. If you are unsure which one to use, go with the 'basic' tool.

Use the download links below to download the SOC-CMM and additional resources. Use the form at the bottom of this page to subscribe to the newsletter and get notified about updates to the SOC-CMM.

Change notes are now included into the SOC-CMM Excel tool.

You can access previous versions of the SOC-CMM assessment tool here

Security note: there is no active content (i.e. macros) in these files.

SOC-CMM basic assessment tool

The basic assessment tool contains the full SOC-CMM assessment and is the recommended option for most users.

Click here to download the SOC-CMM basic assessment tool, version 2.3 (xlsx)

SOC-CMM advanced assessment tool

The advanced assessment tool allows for prioritizing individual questions and is recommended only for experienced users of the SOC-CMM

Click here to download the SOC-CMM advanced assessment tool, version 2.3 (xlsx)

SOC-CMM to NIST CSF mapping

The SOC-CMM ouput sheets also provide insight into how the SOC contributes to scoring the NIST CSF framework.

Click here to download the SOC-CMM (v2.3) to NIST CSF (v2.0 and v1.1) detailed mapping file (xlsx)

Assessment results sharing template

You can contribute to the SOC-CMM project by sharing your assessment results.

Click here to download the template for sharing assessment results with the SOC-CMM project

Version migration instructions

All versions 2.x are compatible. Read how to migrate your results from one version to another.

Click here to download the instructions for migrating results between versions

SOC-CMM whitepaper

Learn more about the SOC-CMM from the whitepaper.

Click here to download the whitepaper

SOC-CMM Mailinglist

If you wish to be informed about updates to the SOC-CMM, use the form below to sign up to the newsletter. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose than information about the SOC-CMM. The SOC-CMM mailinglist is powered by MailChimp.

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